SHINee - Don't Call Me

SHINee - Don't Call Me
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Текст песни SHINee - Don't Call Me
I promise to tell the truth
And nothing but the truth
Don’t call me Check this out y'all
Don’t call me I don’t want you back don’t call me
Don’t call me I keep saying there is no next time In your life
Don’t call me
Don’t call

Deep in the night the bell
Keeps ringing it’s your calling
Awfully stubborn
That’s you still call
You can’t give up easily
You can’t get rid of that temper
You just search my name all day long
You find my traces and lick them

You ruin my mornings
That pattern is obvious
Mind your own business
I know where you came from
Once my shawty
Won’t you go away
Don’t think about calling