ways - Alley oop

ways - Alley oop
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Текст песни ways - Alley oop
Bow, bow, bow, bow
On some G shit
Aye, that's some G shit, yeah
Pass straight to my brothers like an alley-oop

Skrrt in my 'Rarri (Skrrt), fucking vroom (Like fucking vroom)
Cannot see a thing, off the fucking shrooms (Off the fucking shrooms)
Yeah, I'ma do my dance like fucking ouu (Like fucking ouu)
Aye, pass straight to my brothers like a fucking oop
Aye, fuck that hoe, she ain't mean shit (She ain't mean shit)
I be with the gang on some G shit (On some G shit)
She sent me a text, I ain't read it (I ain't read it)
Keep on talking crazy, left 'em bleeding