Alan - Bye Bye

Alan - Bye Bye
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Текст песни Alan - Bye Bye
My name is Charlie Blumberg
And I travel everywhere
'Cause I'm a traveling salesman,
So I fly from here to there
In every town I visit
Folks must think I'm really swell
'Cause every time I leave a town,
I get a fond farewell
Every time I fly away,
People cry, and they say,
"Bye bye, Blumberg"
It's a shame I have to go,
Seeing as how they miss me so
Bye bye, Blumberg
Once I took a trip with Irving Cohen
No one even noticed he was goin'
Me they smashed across the head,
With champagne, and they said,
"Blumberg, bye bye"
Packed my Playboy magazine,
Drip-dry shirt and Dramamine
It's bye bye, Blumberg
All night I'm like Don Juan,
But sorry, girls, I fly at dawn
Bye bye, Blumberg