Young Thug - Tick Tock

Young Thug - Tick Tock
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Текст песни Young Thug - Tick Tock
Okay shit I just woke up in an animal
I just woke up in a Lambo'
Flawless baguettes and the orange Richard
I just had bust down a cantaloupe
Niggas want beef and I'm tryna be vegan
But fuck it bae bring a can of smoke
I can't see niggas in the glasses store (Swear)
Slidin' in the coupe in the back
Smoke out the bag too big for a sack
Do you see her baby hair growing down her back?
Shawty look just like a two-year-old brat (Goddamn)
Just like a record get scratched (Skrrt)
Y'all niggas rats dispatch (Dispatch)
I got four Blacks Kit-Kat (Ooh)
Dick in her back I'm dad
Player where you from?